Vermiculite decontamination Montreal

You live in Montreal and had ever dealt with vermiculite? It is important to take action as soon as possible. The reason for this is that if you come into contact with certain elements, it can cause many health problems. So find out here why disinfecting and how to minimize the risk of disease from exposure to this product.

Vermiculitis: what is it?

Also known as zonolite, it is a flat-shaped mineral with bright silver-gold and grey-brown colors when it is in its natural state. If it is used as an insulator, it is much more because of its insulating properties that make it able not to burn, even at very high temperatures.


Vermiculitis and health problems

Studies have estimated that the substance itself is not harmful to health, which is rather good news. However, if inhaled, some of the insulators that make up this product can cause serious health problems. Asbestos has been shown to cause diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma andasbestosisin subjects who have been exposed. This is the case with the insulation of the Zonolite brand® Attic, produced in the United States at the Libby mine, known for its large asbestos deposits. However, there is good news. As long as these substances remain well within the walls, away from the eyes and the touch, they are not a real problem.

Also in this vein, it should be noted that the product has been withdrawn from the market for about ten years. Also, for users who installed it before 1990,there is no need to worry. However, if you have this hydrated silicate at home, it is quite normal that you have doubts about its quality. However, don’t rush into renovations. Above all, it is important to call on a professional who will perform much better analysis and make the right decisions for your well-being.

Vermiculite decontamination: why?

Preventing certain diseases through clean-up is of paramount importance. Indeed, as you are certainly aware, it contains asbestos fibrils that are responsible for countless diseases that can be fatal, although it is not offensive on its own. However, the government’s recommendations on the subject are clear. If you are planning to carry out renovations (regardless of size) or simply dispose of your asbestos residues, it is essential to contact a professional for safety and a job well done.


How to perform vermiculite decontamination?

While asbestos contains fibres that are harmful to humans, it is not out of control. Therefore, if you want to protect your health, the first thing to do is to not move insulation in any way in order to minimize the spread of asbestos in the air. Also, there are rules to follow to prevent this spread. The first rule is never to remove the insulation yourself, it is more foresighted to let an expert in the field. The second rule is to avoid the use of an attic for conservation. It is also advisable to avoid contact with the latter to greatly reduce the risk of the spread of asbestos. If you have cracks that could cause asbestos to escape, it is strongly advised to plug them. The third rule is to prevent toxic substances from passing through walls to spread through the home. For this, the window frames and those of the doors must be caulked. This is just as true for wall sockets and home lighting.
Once all this is done, the only thing to achieve now is to let wise and prepared people do it.


Call in an expert

If you are not a professional, the worst thing you can do is start decontaminating your home yourself. In addition, aside from the risk of disease, the risk of spreading contagion can be high when an unskilled hand touches a toxic substance. Thus, the smartest solution when this silicate is discovered in the ceilings, the frames of the windows remains to contact a professional. Don’t panic, because without a test, there is no real evidence that the product found contains asbestos fibres and is therefore toxic. Also, in the event of a certain toxicity, we are at your disposal to ensure an effective resolution of any problem.


Why not rely on your instincts?

The reason for this is quite simple, you are not able to carry out your own tests at home to determine the dangerousness of this product. The year of production or the physical presentation of the product are not evidence that the insulation is of poor quality. The only way to be sure is to let people who know it at their best in order to prevent a spread.



At Decontamination ExpertsTM, we work hard to ensure an adequate and safe environment for your family’s health. Our work is carried out by APCHQ. In addition, an independent laboratory analyzes the air after our decontamination work. This will ensure that all traces of asbestos or mold are gone.