Drains and sewers

Do you see a rise of water in the basement? While this seems to be less alarming, it should not be taken lightly. The appearance of moisture may be caused by a malfunction of the foundation drain and sewer. How do we recognize this problem? What can be done about it? A round-up!

What are the signs of a foundation and sewer drain malfunction?

The foundation drain prevents water from stagnating near a building. When it fails, water sometimes seeps into the basement of a house and causes traces of mold on the walls. In the most severe cases, moisture can even lead to cracks.

You should know that there are warning signs of foundation drain dysfunction. Slow water discharge is one of the most common cases. Generally, it is caused by the fouling of the pipe system. Indeed, it is not uncommon for elements such as grease, leftover food, hair, soap… crystallize and clog the exhaust pipes. Be aware that plant roots can also affect water flow into the foundation drain.

Over time, the culliing of the foundation drain causes a rise of bad odours in a dwelling. This inconvenience is only one of the consequences of the plumbing clutter. In the medium term, it will increase the risk of sewer insect infestation inside the home.

Sewer back-up problem: what to do?

In the event of heavy rain, a sewer backup increases the risk of flooding in your home. To be safe from a more dramatic consequence, it is recommended to speak to a professional to repair foundation drain and sewer problems.


Assess the extent of the damage

First and foremost, the company makes a complete diagnosis to determine the extent of the problem. To do this, she uses a camera connected to a monitor. Compact in size, this device can be inserted into the pipe ducts and accurately detects the source of the foundation drain failure. Be aware that this approach is more advantageous, because it avoids excavation.


Ensure the rehabilitation of the foundation drain

Cleaning the pipes may be sufficient to ensure the foundation drain is functioning properly. To de-clutter the ducts, professionals usually use a de-clutter ferret. Equipped with a brush, this metal rod destroys foreign objects that clog the pipe. In some cases, it is also necessary to use a water jet to facilitate the discharge of water into the sewer. This method is effective for thawing pipes in early spring.

If the foundation drain is defective, the problem is relatively more complicated. You must not only replace all the exhaust pipes, but also provide waterproofing work. To avoid cracks in the foundations, insulation work is sometimes necessary. For all these transactions, you should expect a bill of between 10,000 and 15,000 euros. Also be aware that replacing a foundation drain requires soil excavation. Given the extent of all this work, the work can take several weeks.

Deterioration of the foundation drain: what preventions?

Sewer backup is one of the main causes of water damage to the basement. To avoid this problem, it is possible to install an anti-refoulement device to improve water drainage. Even if you have some knowledge of plumbing, it is essential to contact a professional for the realization of this work. In this way, you will benefit from a more complete expertise.

You should be aware that a professional can provide periodic maintenance of your foundation drain. Keep in mind that this work is far from innocuous, as it lengthens the duration of the water drainage system.

Generally, the maintenance of a foundation drain must be done every year, specifically at the end of the winter season. For this step, the professional checks the condition of the pipe system and replaces the defective parts. It is also common for it to support the treatment of ferrious bacteria. This step is of great importance because it prevents the spread of ferous mud in the drains. This substance is none other than iron debris attacked by a colony of bacteria. Like the different types of organic matter, it can clog the foundation drain.

Today, one of the most reliable techniques for treating ferous bacteria is to inject ozone into the ducts. This solution helps to ensure the oxidation of bacteria, in other words, to prevent their proliferation in the pipes. To provide a quality service, professionals also take care of disinfecting the drainage system.

A simple water leak can be caused by a more serious problem. To be quiet, it is better to speak to a professional. Be aware that the intervention of a specialist gives you the opportunity to prevent water damage. In other words, it will save you a substantial amount of money to restore your home following a flood.



At Decontamination ExpertsTM, we work hard to ensure an adequate and safe environment for your family’s health. Our work is carried out by APCHQ. In addition, an independent laboratory analyzes the air after our decontamination work. This will ensure that all traces of asbestos or mold are gone.