Decontamination Expert MC Pierrefonds

Specializing in asbestos removal, renovation and many other services, we work with the people of Pierrefonds in order to clean up, to make pure the environment in which they live. Have the reflex to call us as soon as you notice that a vermiculite deposit has contaminated your home, business or industry.


  • Asbestos air tests: (daily and final test)


  • Mold analysis and mold air test for spore detection,


  • Analysis of materials likely to contain asbestos: vinyl tile analysis, plaster, plaster seals, paint, vermiculite, exterior coatings, etc.

We are your best asset

We work in the city of Pierrefonds with both individuals and industrialists. 24 hours a week. We respond to requests for all problems of renovation, air testing, asbestos decontamination to name but a few. Our customer service team, which listens day and night, will provide you with a team of experts to help you solve your problem. Rest assured, they all hold certifications to practice in the field of activity that is ours. We deconstrucrate according to Canadian standards and procedures and make sure that after we move to the site that you never have to complain about asbestos, vermiculite or mold again.

In addition, we offer the APCHQ guarantee to all our customers. Don’t panic when agents from an independent laboratory come to inspect the whole house, take samples of the cleaned parts to go and analyze them. This analysis is done to confirm the success or not of the operation. The results of the independent laboratory will therefore indicate whether we have successfully completed the decontamination operation or we must return to your home to resume the decontamination plan. This is to tell you the seriousness with which we intervene on each site where we are solicited.

All contamination work

Homes, businesses and industries that are contaminated with vermiculite, mould or worse asbestos have become unsuitable living environments. At the call of the inhabitants or owners of the premises, we intervene as soon as possible to:

  • remove asbestos. On the basis of an asbestos decontamination protocol, we remove asbestos from the contamination site. If it is renovation work, reconstruction, it is advisable to check whether or not asbestos is present in the building materials to be demolished before work begins;
  • remove vermiculite. Removal is done with caution by defining a corridor and a boundary between contaminated and uncontaminated parts. At Expert MC decontamination, we have precisely the right equipment to gradually remove vermiculite;
  • decontaminate mould. A decontamination plan will also be put in place. With specific equipment, we remove all this mold to make the environment healthy and restore air quality.

Our other services

In the city of Pierrefonds, accidents can occur as elsewhere. The company intervenes in several cases of disaster. After a flood or a water disaster,we offer our cleaning services. Our experts evacuate all customer stuff, wet or not. Thanks to our equipment and our pumping system in particular, we suck up all the water contained in the house. We then completely disinfect the house.

After a fire and smoke,we make available to the customer several of our fire cleaning experts. At first glance, they rushed to turn off the electrical power so that the fire would not resume. They then equip themselves with goggles and the right suit to clear the house of debris and do the big cleaning. They will even clean the traces of soot and purify the surrounding air. Once the clean-up is complete, we usually check the ambient air quality to determine if disaster victims can return.

Finally, thanks to our renovation service,we take care of renovating your building, your shop or your factory and giving it a second life. Thanks to several years of expertise, we will make you forget the disaster entirely. If a level of asbestos or vermiculite contamination is identified, our technicians will take advantage of the fact that the disaster has raised it to carry out decontamination before the actual start of the work.

Air test by a professional: what types of intervention?

There are several factors that can lead to indoor air pollution. Humidity, cigarette smoke, gas leakage are among the most well-known causes. But there are other more dangerous substances that may be present in the air.


Detect asbestos

If you rent an old house, vermiculite may have been used in insulation work. This material, which has undeniable insulating powers, is nevertheless harmful to health. Recent studies have shown that it contains asbestos, an element that is classified as carcinogenic. By conducting an air test, you can avoid the health risks caused by asbestos in vermiculite.


Identifying the presence of biological pollutants

You should know that a wide variety of biological materials can pollute indoor air. Apart from mold, which is often apparent, an air test can detect the infestation of mites, cockroaches or rodents in your home. In addition to causing material damage, urine and feces are among the allergens. In other words, they are the source of respiratory discomfort.


Diagnosing the infiltration of harmful gases

Air quality analysis can detect radon that is suspended in the air. Although this gas is odourless, it is extremely dangerous to health. Studies have found that radon exposure is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. This substance is usually present in the basement, but can seep into the entire dwelling.

Other particles such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide can also pollute indoor air. In general, these gases are produced by different heaters such as radiators, chimneys or heated stoves.

It is important to note that several chemical pollutants such as bisphenols, benzene or formaldehyde are also present in paints, perfumes, floor coverings or glues…

The air test is a step that should not be overlooked even if there are no apparent problems in your home. To ensure the air quality in the living rooms, you can contact a professional at any time to do the tests and decontaminate the premises if needed.



At Decontamination ExpertsTM, we work hard to ensure an adequate and safe environment for your family’s health. Our work is carried out by APCHQ. In addition, an independent laboratory analyzes the air after our decontamination work. This will ensure that all traces of asbestos or mold are gone.