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In Laval, as elsewhere in the world, the appearance of mould is a problem that affects comfort in many homes. Weather, roof leaks or poor ventilation can be the cause. Moreover, the presence of these fungi in a construction can have many repercussions, especially from a health point of view.

Thus, it is very important to know the best options to get rid of mold and other pests. Make arrangements for a good vermiculite decontamination with an expert in Laval!


  • Asbestos air tests: (daily and final test)


  • Mold analysis and mold air test for spore detection,


  • Analysis of materials likely to contain asbestos: vinyl tile analysis, plaster, plaster seals, paint, vermiculite, exterior coatings, etc.

Effectively separating mold

The presence of asbestos or mould in your home exposes you to real dangers. When these substances develop and reach a certain proportion, they release toxic substances harmful to breathing into the air. For example, people exposed to mould may suffer from asthma and several other chronic diseases. These include coughing, headaches, sneezing, runny nose or irritation of the nose and throat. Also, these situations can manifest as chronic fatigue and vomiting.

On the other hand, in addition to being a health threat, molds are very unsightly. They appear as multicolored tasks, cause disgust and a feeling of discomfort. Therefore, at the first signs of mould, it is important not to show lightness. On the other hand, we must react quickly. Above all, it is necessary to make the right arrangements to shelter children, the elderly and those with a failing immune system.

Mold cleaning and renovation in Laval

In order to carry out decontamination work, it is well advised to follow a rigorous process. First, it is crucial to identify the source of the problem in order to be able to remedy it effectively.

Decontamination for disasters

In the case of a water disaster clean-up, first put all your loved ones to safety. With the help of a pump, it will be possible to evacuate all the water in order to limit the damage. Next, the affected parts need to be cleaned with a solution that prevents the infiltration of contaminating particles into the soil or walls. Similarly, doing an air test is a major action to check for asbestos in the area. When you find this substance, decontaminate asbestos as soon as possible.

Using the services of a professional in this field in Laval confers many advantages, but above all guarantees. For this decontamination, there are several provisions that an expert in the field will take easily. Among other things, a disinfectant or antimicrobial should be applied. Also, drying the entire affected area reduces moisture. In addition, a cryogenic method will be required in the event of a clean-up after a fire and smoke. The latter involves the use of dry ice to decontaminate damaged surfaces.

To do this, the entire perimeter concerned must be secured. Similarly, electrical and gas sources must be disconnected. Also, open doors and windows make it easier to remove smoke and optimize ventilation. All surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned with detergent or disinfectant.

Then, the application of the ice is used to remove the rest of the smoke and the confined smell. However, prevention is also paramount. This will also address the repair of leaks that caused the flood or fire.


Renovation after cleaning

A loss in a residence usually leaves serious consequences. After the decontamination,it is necessary to immediately move on to the renovation. It consists of restoring as best as possible all the places and objects that have been damaged. In this process, professionals carefully inspect the site to check the level of damage. So, we have to remove all the affected materials and recover those that have remained intact. By choosing a professional and qualified team for these tasks, the experience is much more pleasant.

Similarly, you achieve the results effectively. All confined parts are cleaned to ensure the work is effective. Similarly, these professionals also accurately identify the origin of the disaster. They are then able to regulate them andavoid further disturbances. You can also control the insulation as well as the water and energy system with a professional in the field.

Tips for effective disinfection

The decontamination of a dwelling is a delicate task that requires knowledge of the rules of art. For this, it is best to seek the services of decontamination professionals. These guarantee a good diagnosis with an effective intervention and renovation service. In addition, being specialists, they have technical tools to respond perfectly and quickly to your needs. Finally, these professionals respect all the rules in force and ensure a pleasant experience.

Air test by a professional: what types of intervention?

There are several factors that can lead to indoor air pollution. Humidity, cigarette smoke, gas leakage are among the most well-known causes. But there are other more dangerous substances that may be present in the air.


Detect asbestos

If you rent an old house, vermiculite may have been used in insulation work. This material, which has undeniable insulating powers, is nevertheless harmful to health. Recent studies have shown that it contains asbestos, an element that is classified as carcinogenic. By conducting an air test, you can avoid the health risks caused by asbestos in vermiculite.


Identifying the presence of biological pollutants

You should know that a wide variety of biological materials can pollute indoor air. Apart from mold, which is often apparent, an air test can detect the infestation of mites, cockroaches or rodents in your home. In addition to causing material damage, urine and feces are among the allergens. In other words, they are the source of respiratory discomfort.


Diagnosing the infiltration of harmful gases

Air quality analysis can detect radon that is suspended in the air. Although this gas is odourless, it is extremely dangerous to health. Studies have found that radon exposure is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. This substance is usually present in the basement, but can seep into the entire dwelling.

Other particles such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide can also pollute indoor air. In general, these gases are produced by different heaters such as radiators, chimneys or heated stoves.

It is important to note that several chemical pollutants such as bisphenols, benzene or formaldehyde are also present in paints, perfumes, floor coverings or glues…

The air test is a step that should not be overlooked even if there are no apparent problems in your home. To ensure the air quality in the living rooms, you can contact a professional at any time to do the tests and decontaminate the premises if needed.



At Decontamination ExpertsTM, we work hard to ensure an adequate and safe environment for your family’s health. Our work is carried out by APCHQ. In addition, an independent laboratory analyzes the air after our decontamination work. This will ensure that all traces of asbestos or mold are gone.