Decontamination Expert MC Kirkland

Our company is a reference structure for asbestos removal, post-sinister cleaning and repairs. We operate in and around this city. What kind of services do we offer? Why ask our company for your work?


  • Asbestos air tests: (daily and final test)


  • Mold analysis and mold air test for spore detection,


  • Analysis of materials likely to contain asbestos: vinyl tile analysis, plaster, plaster seals, paint, vermiculite, exterior coatings, etc.

The decontamination specialist

Our company has a qualified and versatile team for indoor clean-up. We propose to the inhabitants to analyze the air of their premises in order to purify it.

The air testing professional

The air in the apartments can contain more than 900 toxic substances. This indoor pollution can cause health problems such as colds, irritations, itching, allergies, respiratory problems, cancers. Our company offers a test to assess air quality in residential, commercial and industrial premises.

The analysis confirms or disproves the presence of toxic elements such as asbestos or vermiculite in the ambient air. She is also interested in mould particles. Checks include vinyl tiles, plasters and seals, paint, exterior coatings, etc. This usually requires taking samples.

The expert in asbestos and mould decontamination

If asbestos or its derivatives such as vermiculite or zonolite are detected, our company quickly takes care of their removal. This takes place in several stages.

  • A specialized team starts by securing the sites involved in the work. In practical terms, our agents create negative air pressure in the area.
  • In the second phase, they recover infected materials in accordance with established standards. They use sophisticated equipment to filter out ambient air to eliminate all toxic particles.
  • Specialists return to perform an air test 36 hours after the first clean-up. Then, they carry out a new effective insulation.

Our officers make every arrangement to ensure that vermiculite decontamination takes place in the best possible conditions. They wear appropriate protective clothing and fully secure the site before the clean-up begins. Our company has all its work done by APCHQ. At the end of the operation, we request the assistance of an independent air analysis laboratory to confirm the removal of any traces of asbestos.

In the presence of mould,our qualified agents remove greenish or black stains from the walls and windows around. They make the smells of languid or earth disappear. They are responding to a remediation plan that meets public health standards.


Effective post-disaster and renovation management

Many homes suffered serious water damage after heavy rains hit the town. Water infiltration into the basement weakens these homes. This increases the risk of landslides, cracking of walls or deterioration of ducts. Only a quick response can limit these threats. Smoke and flames can also seriously shake a home. This can destabilize the beams and precipitate the collapse of the building.

Our company offers to assist owners after fires. Our agents are ready for an after-fire and smoke clean-up. After securing the site, they inspect each compartment of the residence to identify the damage. Based on the condition of the premises, they provide the owners with an estimate of the value of the losses recorded. They will be able to use it to initiate compensation proceedings. They take care of evacuating rubbish and waste to make the site clean. They also eliminate toxic gases and odours. They also purify the ambient air in the rooms.

In addition, our company takes care of the post-sinister water cleaning. Our officers are responding quickly to the evacuation of the water. After assessing the damage and detecting hidden anomalies, they estimate the cost of repair. This can help homeowners in their compensation efforts. Our teams provide effective solutions to dysfunctions related to the foundation drain. They quickly manage to stop water infiltration into the basement.

Local residents can ask us for all repairs after the fire and water damage. Our officers are responsible for repairing the parquet floors and the walls. They are responsible for securing the beams and strengthening the foundation. They quickly restore the affected homes to good condition. Our company makes customer satisfaction its top priority.

Air test by a professional: what types of intervention?

There are several factors that can lead to indoor air pollution. Humidity, cigarette smoke, gas leakage are among the most well-known causes. But there are other more dangerous substances that may be present in the air.


Detect asbestos

If you rent an old house, vermiculite may have been used in insulation work. This material, which has undeniable insulating powers, is nevertheless harmful to health. Recent studies have shown that it contains asbestos, an element that is classified as carcinogenic. By conducting an air test, you can avoid the health risks caused by asbestos in vermiculite.


Identifying the presence of biological pollutants

You should know that a wide variety of biological materials can pollute indoor air. Apart from mold, which is often apparent, an air test can detect the infestation of mites, cockroaches or rodents in your home. In addition to causing material damage, urine and feces are among the allergens. In other words, they are the source of respiratory discomfort.


Diagnosing the infiltration of harmful gases

Air quality analysis can detect radon that is suspended in the air. Although this gas is odourless, it is extremely dangerous to health. Studies have found that radon exposure is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. This substance is usually present in the basement, but can seep into the entire dwelling.

Other particles such as carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide can also pollute indoor air. In general, these gases are produced by different heaters such as radiators, chimneys or heated stoves.

It is important to note that several chemical pollutants such as bisphenols, benzene or formaldehyde are also present in paints, perfumes, floor coverings or glues…

The air test is a step that should not be overlooked even if there are no apparent problems in your home. To ensure the air quality in the living rooms, you can contact a professional at any time to do the tests and decontaminate the premises if needed.



At Decontamination ExpertsTM, we work hard to ensure an adequate and safe environment for your family’s health. Our work is carried out by APCHQ. In addition, an independent laboratory analyzes the air after our decontamination work. This will ensure that all traces of asbestos or mold are gone.