Asbestos decontamination Montreal

An asbestos decontamination procedure is required each time a person comes into contact with an area of asbeste. Asbeste is a material that can be dangerous to the body when breathed. Therefore, spores should not be released into the air so as not to expose more people to this risk. To begin the Montreal decontamination procedure, you must first create several specific zones to ensure complete decontamination. Find out more about these processes in the rest of this article.

Different types of asbestos decontamination

It is not advisable to try to decontaminate oneself, as the manipulation of the asbeste must be carried out by professionals. This is a tedious project that requires real expertise in the field. To do this, it is recommended to call a professional when you detect the presence of asbeste in your home. The latter will first conduct an audit before moving on to the final removal.

Decontamination of asbeste can be done in two different ways: wet decontamination and dry decontamination.

Wet decontamination,also known as wet wiping, is a technique that involves using a disposable cloth to clean contaminated objects and surfaces. If you involve a bucket of water in the process, the cloth should not be re-remounted so as not to contaminate the water into an asbeste waste. Once completed, all rags used must be disposed of, as must waste that has been contaminated with asbeste.

As for so-called dry decontamination,it consists of bending the leaves contaminated with asbeste. During this time, it is important to make sure that they are properly sealed and that, by the way, nothing else has been contaminated. This technique can sometimes use a specialized vacuum cleaner for this type of decontamination. However, this method is only used if you are faced with the risk of electric shocks with wet decontamination.

Both decontamination methods are only applicable by experts with the required skills.


Personal decontamination

Following self-decontamination procedures is essential whether you have decided to assist an expert or have hired an entire team to take care of the elimination of the asbeste. These are precautionary measures to avoid future health problems. Following the decontamination provided by the experts, you must keep your respirator and EPI for the duration of the work and until all areas are completely cleaned. Once finished, you should carefully clean your shoes or other personal protection before removing them. For this, do not hesitate to use an asbeste vacuum cleaner. As for safety shoes, they must also be thoroughly cleaned with a damp cloth, which will then be destroyed with asbeste waste.

For the removal of the breathing apparatus, wash your hands thoroughly and pay special attention to your hands, nails and head. Remove the respirator last and immediately go to a careful wash of the face.


The decontamination of the tools used

Once the decontamination work is complete, the various tools used must also be decontaminated. To do this, they will have to be disassembled and cleaned with a damp cloth in order to rid them of any visible asbeste residue.
Sometimes it is necessary to completely dispose of tools such as asbeste waste rather than trying to decontaminate them. When removing the tools from the asbeste area to decontaminate them, be sure to make sure they are well packaged and labeled so you don’t get it wrong.

Some steps to be taken to successfully decontaminate asbestos

When you detect traces of asbeste in your home, it is urgent to move to immediate decontamination. But the work undertaken in this context must be carried out with great care while respecting the rules set by the competent authorities. Thus, the professional who will take care of the decontamination must master all these standards before intervening.


Wear appropriate protective clothing

When you hire a company to decontaminate your home, the entire response team must wear appropriate protective clothing, as each of its responders is also vulnerable to the consequences of the asbeste. These protective garments usually consist of masks, safety boots, pairs of gloves, pairs of glasses, etc. All this equipment is a guarantee for stakeholders. In addition, protective masks used for decontamination must be equipped with an assisted ventilation system that allows workers to breathe adequate air during construction. These different precautions are taken to prevent workers from being exposed to diseases, especially those related to the lungs.


Set the stage before the intervention

The success of decontamination lies in the efficient preparation of the land. If it is a large area, it is important to provide an on-site shower that will be used to wash the tools used and bags to contain the unbridled materials during the work. In addition, it is recommended to mix an additive with water in order to control the spread of the fibres and prevent their evaporation in the wild. Finally, it is not recommended to eat, drink and smoke during the decontamination process.



At Decontamination ExpertsTM, we work hard to ensure an adequate and safe environment for your family’s health. Our work is carried out by APCHQ. In addition, an independent laboratory analyzes the air after our decontamination work. This will ensure that all traces of asbestos or mold are gone.